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Breast Augmentation San Diego, CA

Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center offers breast augmentation for residents of San Diego, La Jolla, and Carmel Valley, as well as surrounding areas of California.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is designed to improve the size and shape of naturally small, flat, or asymmetrical breasts or breasts that have suffered unwanted effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging.

Breast Augmentation in San Diego, CA


How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost In San Diego, CA?

The average cost of breast augmentation at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center starts at $6,700. As part of your free consultation, we explain the costs associated with your personalized treatment and skin care plan. Financing is available for your convenience.

How Is a Breast Augmentation Performed?

A breast augmentation surgery involves placing silicone or saline implants in front of or behind the chest muscle depending on the amount of existing breast tissue. Implants are inserted through an incision around the nipple or in the breast crease. They may be round or teardrop shaped, according to the patient’s desired result.

We may also recommend fat grafting as part of your breast augmentation procedure. You can see the results in our breast augmentation fat transfer before and after pictures.

What Results Can I Expect from a Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mozaffari works closely with his patients to understand their desired outcomes of breast augmentation. Once the swelling subsides, you will have fuller, shapelier breasts.

What Can I Expect During Recovery From Breast Augmentation?

Most patients will need to take one to two weeks off of their normal routine, including work and exercise, to rest as much as possible. Patients must wear a surgical bra provided and placed by Dr. Mozaffari immediately after surgery and avoid bending and lifting the arms above shoulder level.

Ultimately, the length of recovery will depend on a patient’s personal healing progress and their activity level. Dr. Mozaffari will meet with patients for follow-up appointments and may make modifications to their recovery timeline to ensure proper healing and successful results.

Does Breast Augmentation Cause Scarring?

Any time an incision is made in the skin, scarring will occur as part of the body’s natural healing response. The good news is that breast augmentation scars can fade significantly over time, and surgical technique plays an important role in how well incisions heal and scar.

Working with an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Mozaffari can drastically increase a patient’s chances of achieving the most beautiful results with the least noticeable scars. The location of the scar is often negotiable and will be determined in the consultation.

Is a Breast Augmentation Safe?

Saline, silicone, and “gummy bear” implants are all safe and FDA-approved for breast augmentation. There is no medical evidence that silicone is harmful to one’s health.

Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

Unless a patient’s preferences change or a rare complication occurs, breast implants can last for many years. There is no need to replace implants based solely on the length of time implants have been in place.

Why Choose Dr. Mozaffari?

San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Mozaffari has performed over 3,500 breast surgeries, including breast augmentation and enhancement with great success. He is trained in the most advanced surgical techniques and has had experience with many implant styles and shapes to give patients the customized results they desire.

In addition to simply increasing the size of the breasts, he is also able to lift the breasts into a more desirable, youthful looking position, provide fullness in the upper portion of the breast and improve the appearance of the nipples, if needed. Dr. Mozaffari has extensive experience with the newer form-stable “gummy bear” implants. These implants can often give a more natural look to the upper breast shape or create a more lifted look than the traditional implants.

Dr. Farid Brad Mozaffari is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who offers breast augmentation for residents in San Diego, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, and the surrounding communities in California. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.