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Brow Lift in San Diego, CA

Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center offers brow lift surgery for men and women in San Diego, La Jolla, and Carmel Valley, as well as surrounding areas of California. Also known as a forehead lift, the procedure lifts the area above the eyebrows. It may be combined with eyelid surgery.

What Is a Brow Lift?

During brow lift surgery, hooded or drooping eyebrows are raised to a symmetrical and youthful position, and wrinkles, lines, and furrows are smoothed. These changes give the face a more youthful, rested and pleasant appearance. This may also eliminate the need for upper eyelid surgery.

Brow Lift in San Diego, CA

Brow lift is designed to correct the following imperfections in the brow and forehead:

  • A low, sagging, or asymmetrical brow line
  • Hooding above the upper eyes
  • Furrows or frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost in San Diego, CA?

The average cost of brow lift surgery at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center STARTS at $4,500. As part of your consultation, we explain the costs associated with your personalized treatment and skin care plan. Financing is available through CareCredit®, and you can apply before your consultation.

How Is a Brow Lift Performed?

Brow lift surgery is performed with incisions that are positioned to provide Dr. Mozaffari with access to areas that need to be tightened. He describes incision placement during the consultation. In some cases of early aging, a brow lift with Botox® may be adequate to reduce wrinkles in the forehead area, although this will not help with a sagging brow.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from my Brow Lift?

You may need to stay home for a few days after your forehead lift surgery. Expect to have swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Healing can take several weeks or longer.

What Results Can I Expect from a Forehead Lift?

You can see the results of the procedure in our brow lift before and after pictures. the upper portion of the face looks revitalized, and the eyes have a more open appearance, although the surgery does not change the upper eyelids. You can have the most dramatic results by combining your brow lift with eyelid surgery.

Can a Brow Lift Be Combined with Other Procedures?

A brow lift can be combined with additional facial procedures to target other areas of the face. For example, if the mid-face region sags or creases, or the lower face has developed jowls and an inelegant contour, brow lift may be combined with facelift and/or neck lift, depending on the specific concerns. Combining procedures provides all-over rejuvenation for a more beautiful face.

Why Choose Dr. Mozaffari?

There is no substitute for experience, and Dr. Mozaffari has been a practicing plastic surgeon for more than 35 years. He understands the natural, age-related deterioration within the brow and forehead area, and how subtle surgical tweaks can reverse these effects and restore a beautiful expression. Not only is Dr. Mozaffari technically skilled, he also has a carefully refined standard of beauty.

When performed correctly, brow lift provides long-lasting results and leaves only minimal scarring concealed within the hairline. Dr. Mozaffari has had advanced training and experience in browlift and eyelid surgery.

Dr. Farid Brad Mozaffari is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who offers brow lift surgery for men and women in San Diego, La Jolla, Carmel Valley, and the surrounding communities in California. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.