Thigh Lift Surgery in La Jolla

Thighs that Look Slimmer, Sleeker & Tighter

Thigh Lift Surgery in La JollaConsidering a thigh lift in San Diego? Thighplasty is one of several body contouring procedures Drs. Dennis Bucko and Farid Brad Mozaffari offer at their San Diego plastic surgery practice, Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center. Thigh lift gives the upper, inner, and outer thighs a firmer, smoother, and tighter appearance. Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari have helped thousands of patients enjoy more attractive legs, a more proportional-looking lower body and greater self-confidence with thigh lift techniques.

Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari are two of San Diego’s most preferred plastic surgeons for body contouring. Patients flock to them for their expertise and experience in plastic surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons and active member of numerous plastic surgery associations, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari also deeply appreciate the beauty of a sculpted physique.

More About Thigh Lift With Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari

Every patient has his or her personal reasons for seeking body contouring with thigh lift. Many of Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari’s thigh lift patients pursue thigh lift after weight loss. When the body loses a large amount of weight (through bariatric surgery or diet/fitness efforts), the skin does not retract leaving loose, sagging skin. The skin tends to hang from the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs, obscuring the body’s new shape. Diet and exercise won’t have any effect on loose skin; instead, it must be surgically removed and tightened.

The thigh lift operation removes the excess skin (and in some cases, small amounts of fat) on the inner and outer thighs. It reduces noticeable “saddlebags” and may improve the appearance of dimpled, puckered cellulite. After surgery, the thighs look firmer, tighter, and more defined.

La Jolla Thigh Lift DoctorDrs. Bucko and Mozaffari meet with every candidate on a personal basis to discuss their specific body contouring needs. The surgeons ask them to identify their areas of concern and describe their ideal cosmetic outcome, before they recommend a plan of treatment.

Sometimes, candidates think they need thigh lift surgery, but actually can benefit from liposuction alone. Liposuction removes excess fat deposits without removing any excess skin. It is suitable for patients with good skin elasticity and skin that naturally “hugs” the thigh contours. Thigh lift may involve a liposuction/liposculpture component to reduce small amounts of excess fat, but is primarily intended to eliminate excess skin and lift/tighten the remaining skin.

There are several types of thigh lift procedures, which differ mostly by incision type and area of focus. The inner thigh lift, for example, is best for reducing a moderate amount of excess skin and fat in the upper, inner thigh area through an incision in the groin fold. An outer thigh lift is performed through an extended incision to target the outer portion of the thighs. Total thighplasty reshapes the front, back, inner and outer areas of the thigh through an incision in the crease of the buttocks and the belt line. Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari select the best option based on the specific needs of the patient.

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