Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) In La Jolla

Eyelid Surgery For Younger-Looking Eyes

Eyelid surgery in NorthboroughEyelid lift, also called eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures offered by La Jolla surgeons, Drs. Dennis Bucko and Farid Brad Mozaffari. When carefully planned and expertly executed, eyelid surgery can dramatically revitalize eyes that appear tired or older. In their many years of plastic surgery practice, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari have helped thousands of patients minimize noticeable effects of aging on the lids and around the eyes.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Bucko & Dr. Mozaffari

For patients who feel embarrassed by tired, sad or angry-looking eyes, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari’s transformative work is truly life-changing. With younger, more rested looking eyes, patients experience a boost of self-confidence. The surgeons’ talents allow them to preserve patients’ unique beauty, yet make noticeable improvements.

In their many years of practice, plastic surgeons Dr. Bucko and Dr. Mozaffari have mastered their approach, relying on their artistic sensibilities and expert training in plastic and general surgery. They keep their skills sharp through involvement with leading professional associations and leadership positions within the plastic surgery community. Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari have had extra training in eyelid surgery and extensive experience in reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid surgery. They have published scientific articles and teach other plastic surgeons their techniques.

Individual results may vary

More about Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is customized based on the individual patient’s particular areas of concern. These concerns could include any of the following:

  • Extra, loose or wrinkled upper or lower eyelid skin
  • Excess fat on the upper or lower eyelids
  • Loose skin on the upper lids that sags into the line of sight and inhibits vision
  • Puffiness on the upper or lower eyelids
  • Droopy eyelids

Eyelid Lift Surgery in Northborough

After speaking with the patient about their specific concerns, and examining their eyes, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari draft a plan of treatment. The upper eyelids or lower eyelids can be treated, or both.

Ideal Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari evaluate each patient individually to determine whether eyelid surgery is a good treatment option for them. Because everyone ages at a different pace, age is a consideration but not a primary factor when it comes to eyelid surgery.

Ideal candidates for the procedure are men and women who:

  • Are in good general health (i.e., free of health conditions that can compromise surgery or healing)
  • Do not smoke
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery and results
  • Understand the potential risks and complications that come with surgery

What to Expect During Surgery: Upper Eyelid Lift and Lower Eyelid Lift

During surgery, excess skin and fat are removed from the upper and/or lower eyelids. In upper eyelid surgery, fat can be redistributed and the muscles can be altered, as needed, to tighten the lids and restore a clear line of sight. In lower eyelid surgery, under-eye bags are reduced and fine wrinkles around the eyelids are smoothed.

The surgical modifications are performed though tiny incisions in the natural creases of the upper lid and underneath the lower lash line to avoid visible scarring. The transconjunctival blepharoplasty technique involves removing fat from the lower lids only through an incision made in the lower lash line, avoiding a skin incision.

If the patient has expressed additional age-related concerns in other areas of the face, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari might recommend combining eyelid surgery with another facial rejuvenation procedure. For example, if the patient is bothered by saggy skin along the jawline and on the neck, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari may recommend a combination eyelid lift with neck lift. Or, if the mid-face region is problematic, facelift can help. Non-surgical treatment options such as laser skin resurfacing, Botox treatment and injectable fillers are also a great way to complement the results of eyelid surgery and improve the appearance of the skin.

Individual results may vary

Recovering from Eyelid Surgery

Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari play an active role in their patients’ recovery. They provide a list of detailed instructions for patients to follow post-operatively. Most patients will need to take one to two weeks off from work and other normal activities. Swelling, bruising and discomfort are normal during the first few days of recovery. The doctors may prescribe oral pain medication to control mild discomfort.

Patients should plan on having a reliable family member or friend drive them home immediately after surgery and stay with them for the first few days of recovery. Some patients find it beneficial to enlist an aftercare provider who is professionally trained to take care of plastic surgery patients. Please visit our patient aftercare in La Jolla page to find out if you can benefit from this service.


Should I expect bruising after eyelid surgery?

Bruising is normal after eyelid surgery but can be managed with cold compresses. The majority of bruising should disappear after the first week of recovery while the remaining bruising can be concealed with makeup.

Will my ability to wear cosmetics be affected after eyelid surgery?

Once your doctor clears you to do so, you will be free to apply eye makeup and other cosmetics as normal.

Is there a difference between eyelid surgery for men and women?

There are differences in how eyelid surgery is performed on men and women. Generally speaking, male eyelid surgery is performed using a more conservative approach compared to female eyelid surgery in order to preserve a masculine facial appearance. Ultimately, Drs. Bucko and Mozaffari tailor their surgical approach to the needs of the individual patient and work closely with them to develop a plan that achieves the best outcome.

Are the results permanent?

The results of eyelid surgery are considered to be permanent. However, the natural aging process and other factors can alter the appearance of results in the future. The best way to prolong the rejuvenating effects of eyelid surgery is to practice good skin care habits, including proper sun protection, not smoking and using medical-grade skin care products. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing are available to maintain results after surgery.

Is eyelid surgery covered by medical insurance?

Medical insurance can cover part or all of eyelid surgery if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. If loose skin hangs over the upper eyelids and obstructs vision, eyelid surgery is considered medically necessary.

Do you offer financing?

Belladerma does offer affordable financing through CareCredit. Please click here to learn more.

Talk to Dr. Bucko or Dr. Mozaffari about Eyelid Surgery

To learn more about eyelid lift and how it can help you look younger, happier and more rested, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Bucko or Mozaffari. Contact Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center today to make an appointment.