Marionette Lines: No Laughing Matter

Smiling and laughing are signs of a life well-lived, but lines and wrinkles around your mouth are no laughing matter! If you are starting to notice creases and folds at the edges of your mouth, Dr. Dennis Bucko, our Registered Nurse, Hilary Black, and the team at Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center can help. Read more

Can Botox Fix a Gummy Smile?

Are you self-conscious of a “gummy smile” — meaning that too much gum tissue is revealed when you smile? Many people are bothered by what they feel is an excessive amount of gum tissue when the upper lip curls upward. Experts have found that any more than two millimeters of gum tissue showing is noticeable to the average eye, and three to four millimeters is considered “gummy.”

While a dental professional is the more traditional authority on these concerns, some people approach plastic surgeons about their worries. Over the past few years, Botox and Dysport have been introduced as a possible (off-label) option for the correction of a gummy smile. Here, Dr. Dennis Bucko of Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center shares his thoughts about using Botox or Dysport to fix a gummy smile. Read more

How to Prevent Bruising After Injectable Treatment

Many of Dr. Dennis Bucko’s patients want to know how they can prevent bruising from injectable treatment with Botox, Dysport and dermal fillers. The truth is, we cannot guarantee that our patients won’t bruise — anytime a needle penetrates the skin, there is a small chance of bruising. However, there are a few things that patients can do to reduce their chances of bruising. Here’s what Dr. Bucko suggests: Read more

“When Do I Switch from Botox to Surgery for Droopy/Upper Eyelids?”

Dr. Dennis Bucko was recently asked to compare Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and other neurotoxins versus eyelid surgery to treat hooding or drooping upper eyelids. His patient wanted to know whether periodic Botox or other neurotoxin injections would provide sufficient rejuvenating results or if they should consider having eyelid surgery or brow lift. Since Dr. Bucko thinks other patients may have the same question, he decided to address the answer in its own blog post. Read more

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