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If you are considering a breast surgery procedure like breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction, you might have some concerns about the possibility of losing nipple sensitivity.

This is a very valid fear and something that Dr. Brad Mozaffari takes great care to prevent. Read on as he shares his insight on the issue.

Nipple Sensation after Breast Surgery

To sum it up simply, there is a possibility that you may experience changes in nipple sensation after breast surgery. It is difficult to predict whether your nipple sensation will change after surgery and if so, in what way. You could experience a decrease in sensitivity, heightened sensitivity or numbness in the nipple area. (Total loss of sensation is quite rare.)

These changes may be temporary right after surgery, and you may regain normal sensation after your breasts stabilize. On the other hand, the changes may be permanent, but this is not likely as most of the time, sensation goes back to how it was prior to surgery.

The best thing you can do to reduce your chances of changes in nipple sensation is to select an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. Dr. Mozaffari goes to great lengths to prevent significant or permanent changes in nipple sensation. Whenever possible, he uses certain incision patterns or other surgical techniques to protect the nerves found in the breast and preserve nipple sensitivity.

For example, in breast augmentation surgery, he may recommend placing the implants under the chest muscle, where they are less likely to interfere with the nerves in the skin and affect nipple sensation. Or, he may recommend that you avoid oversized implants, as they may strain the nerves leading to the breasts and affect nipple sensation.

Although there are always potential risks in plastic surgery, Dr. Mozaffari will help you weigh the risks against the benefits and make a decision that you will feel comfortable with. Your satisfaction is our team’s greatest priority.

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