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trending“Less is more” according to Dr. Dennis Bucko, who was recently named BEST Cosmetic Surgeon in the UT Readers poll. Dr Bucko is one of the most experienced board certified plastic surgeons in Southern California, and director of Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center in San Diego, California.

Dr Bucko notes that facial rejuvenation concepts have come full circle over the last 30 years. Now, patients seeking the “fountain of youth” can achieve incredible results with safe and simple surgical and non-surgical procedures to turn back the clock on aging, with little downtime.

Decades ago surgical procedures consisted of simply removing loose skin and occasionally, some fat. If a patient was looking to improve their skin’s texture or reducing wrinkles, the only option was a  simple Phenol Chemical Peel which smoothed out wrinkles, but often left the skin with a lighter, unnatural look.

In the 80’s and 90’s surgeons became bolder in an attempt to get longer lasting results and started to do deeper face lifts, tightening muscles and deep connective tissue and even lifting muscle off bones to shift soft tissues. A  “Deep Facelift” can take 8 hours even when done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Cheek and chin implants placed directly on the bones were also used freely to reshape the face. Although beneficial, these advanced procedures usually left patients swollen and bruised for weeks.  A “Facelift” was seen as a feared procedure even though the results might be more dramatic and longer lasting.

“Over the past 15 years we have developed safer and less traumatic techniques that younger patients, seeking less dramatic changes and safer, fast recovery, have demanded procedures designed for maintenance and simplicity. We now do simple surgical face and neck lifts, like our Belladerma Mini Facelift, in 90 minutes with a few days recovery. We also have scores of non-surgical and less expensive options for rejuvenation with almost no downtime. Filler and neurotoxin injections can smooth out wrinkles in just a few minutes. Lasers smooth skin and remove age spots, like ironing and dry cleaning a wrinkled and soiled dress.”

Modern, experienced plastic surgeons can now do “more with less”.


Article written for the San Diego Union Tribune.