Timing Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Losing a large amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, is a significant achievement. Unfortunately, many people struggle with noticeable excess skin that hangs off the body and cannot conform to the body’s smaller shape. If you can relate to this, you may be a candidate for post-weight-loss body contouring. Procedures like tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift remove excess skin to reveals a better contoured and slimmer physique.

The timing of a body contouring procedure plays an important role in the success of treatment and results. Dr. Brad Mozaffari is a talented body contouring plastic surgeon who has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their post-weight-loss goals. Here, he shares three questions to ask yourself when timing body contouring.

Are You in Good General Health?

In order to undergo any plastic surgery procedure, you must be in good general health. You must be free of health conditions that may increase the risk of complications and/or impair your ability to heal. A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Mozafarri will carefully evaluate your entire medical history to determine whether it is safe for you to undergo body contouring.

Is Your Weight Stable?

Before having body contouring, your weight must be stabilized. Not only do significant fluctuations in weight affect the cosmetic results of body contouring, they also increase the risk of a complication. Prior to body contouring, you must be near or at your ideal weight and have maintained it for at least six months.

Can You Commit to the Recovery?

Body contouring is major surgery and requires downtime. Rushing your recovery can put you at risk of a serious complication and sabotage your cosmetic results. If you cannot commit to the minimum amount of days off from work and your normal activities as recommended by your surgeon, then it is best to postpone your surgery.

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Mozafarri can determine if and when body contouring is right for you. To schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, please call (858) 453-8484 or email Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Care Center today.


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