When Is It Appropriate to Combine Facelift and Eyelid Surgery?

For many people, the effects of aging are not limited to just one area of the face. They often have concerns not just about the eye area but also the cheeks, jawline and the neck. In these cases, a facelift and eyelid surgery combination procedure may be ideal.

Dr. Brad Mozaffari is one of San Diego’s most sought out facial plastic surgeons. Known for his expertise in both the science and art of plastic surgery, he has helped hundreds of men and women turn back the clock in a way that looks completely natural. Here, he explains when a facelift and eyelid surgery combination procedure may be appropriate.

What Eyelid Surgery Accomplishes

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, addresses signs of aging on the upper and/or lower eyelids. The procedure corrects the following:

  • Loose, sagging skin and tissue on the upper eyelids
  • Puffy bags under the lower eyelids
  • Fine lines on the lower eyelids

What Facelift Accomplishes

While eyelid surgery focuses on rejuvenating the upper facial area, facelift focuses on the lower two thirds of the face. It can correct the following:

  • Sunken or flat cheeks
  • Displaced fat on the middle and lower facial areas
  • Wrinkles and lines on the face and neck
  • Creases along the base of the nose and mouth
  • Slackened jawline or jowls

Is a Combination Procedure Right for You?

Generally speaking, if you wish to simultaneously rejuvenate the upper, middle and lower facial areas, then an eyelid surgery and facelift combination procedure may be right for you. For many patients, this approach offers the most comprehensive results and increases the chances of a natural-looking result.

Ultimately, undergoing a combination procedure is a personal choice. A board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Mozaffari can evaluate your cosmetic goals and recommend the treatment plan that best achieves your goals. He is at the forefront of facial rejuvenation and tailors his techniques to the unique needs of individual patients. Complementary procedures like Botox and dermal fillers can also be discussed during your consultation.

To learn more about facial rejuvenation, schedule a consultation with Belladerma Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center. Please call (858) 453-8484 or email our La Jolla office today.

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