Breast Augmentation Secrets from Women Who’ve Had It

Breast augmentation is more popular than ever. A recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that 290,467 women opted to have breast implants placed in 2016.

If you’re facing your own breast augmentation surgery, who better to give you advice than women that have already had it? Here, San Diego cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dennis Bucko reveals secrets from some of his former breast augmentation patients.

Choose Your Own Size

Listen carefully to what your surgeon has to say, but don’t leave your implant size entirely up to the discretion of your surgeon. Instead, ask your surgeon if you can “try on” different size implants and even take a few different sizes home to wear around for a week. Simulating the results of surgery is a valuable part of selecting your implant size.

Shop for Bras Whenever You Feel Like It

Despite what some doctors say, you do not need to wait for your breasts to “settle” to purchase new bras. As soon as you feel ready, you can shop for beautiful bras for your new breasts after three to four weeks as most of the swelling will have disappeared.

Underwire Is Fine

After wearing the post-surgical bra during the first two weeks of your recovery, there are no rules. You can wear whatever bra is most comfortable to you. Bras with underwire are acceptable.

Recovery = Relaxation Time

It’s important to realize that you are at an increased risk of bleeding for about two weeks after surgery. Even if you feel great mentally and emotionally, your body has not yet caught up to your mind.

Hard as it may be, you must limit any activities that could increase your heart rate or blood pressure, or cause you tighten your chest muscles suddenly — this includes picking up your babies, reorganizing your closet, vacuuming or socializing with friends. Try to outsource everything you can, including childcare, cooking and chores, and focus on relaxing.

Your Friend’s Implant Size Won’t Look the Same on You

Dr. Bucko and our surgical team often hear patients request the same implant size as friends, because they like the results. What our patients may not realize is how different the final result with the same implant size can look on different chests, bodies and skin types.

The results can actually vary quite a bit, woman to woman, based on the amount of native breast tissue, the elasticity of the skin, the shape and width of the chest, the size of the areolas and other factors.

Try to refrain from requesting the number of cc’s your friend or sister has. Instead, try on implants with our Enhance Sizing Kit and show Dr. Bucko a picture or describe the size and shape you would like and don’t like.

You Do Not Have To Change Your Implants Every 10 Years

As long as you are happy with the way your breasts look after 10 years, there is no medically necessary reason to change your implants or have special X-rays to evaluate the implants.

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